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Super Bowl 2012, Jonathan Kraft: We Try To Do The Right Thing

Stop if you've heard this one before: "In the NFL, the New England Patriots are what the New York Yankees are to baseball. They are easy to hate and they have a unlikable coach in Bill Belichick. But to their credit, all they do is win." Well, that's not how everyone sees it. Especially the man who helped create the Patriots' image

On Friday, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft joined WEEI's Dennis and Callahan to discuss the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI matchup between his Pats and the New York Giants. In the interview, Kraft was asked about the controversial image his team has around the league. For Kraft, the Patriots have never stopped at doing what they think is the right thing.

"You'd like people to think highly of you, but if they don't just for some emotional reason, there's nothing you can do," Kraft said. "We try to tangibly do the right thing, both on and off the field. I know that some people look at some of the things or some of the ways our organization operates and it doesn't always appear warm and fuzzy to the outside, but I think that's how you consistently -- at least with our existing football leadership structure -- how he believes you get the best results.

"I think we try to make up for it as an organization on the non-football side of things. But I understand if people aren't crazy about it."

(via WEEI)

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