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Super Bowl 2012: Pats Pulpit's Greg Knopping Sits Down With Patriots Safety Pat Chung

Earlier this week, Greg Knopping over at Pats Pulpit got the unique chance to sit down with New England Patriots safety Pat Chung to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI matchup between his Pats and the New York Giants. Knopping has been on assignment in Indianapolis covering the Super Bowl for PP.

Knopping and Chung talked about a variety of topics, including his thoughts on the big game and adjustments he's had to make throughout the season. See for yourself! Here's the interview transcript, courtesy of our New England Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit.

On returning in the regular season finale and how he feels now:

I feel good. I've got no complaints; we're in the big show. So I mean, it's all good, man, I'm ready to go.

Thoughts on progression heading into fourth year after Sunday's game:

I mean, it's only my third year, man. You don't know progression until years and years into [your career]. Some guys have been in the league for years and haven't made it. You've got to have the mentality to stay focused and always strive for perfection - just keep working hard.

On covering the Giants talented receiving corps:

Just cover them. I mean, they're good, we're good. It's going to be a battle, they have a quarterback that's getting the ball to them and he's on fire right now so we are going to have to play hard man. We'll have to play physical, play hard, play fast, and play focused.

Thoughts on playing more slot in 2010, and more traditional safety in 2011:

Whatever coach wants. It's not our decision. Whatever coach wants to do, whatever position he wants to put you in that he thinks will help the team, that's what we have to do.

On turnover in secondary and all the new faces week in and week out:

It could be a challenge if you let it be and guys [head coach Bill Belichick] puts there, he has faith in those guys, like [Matt] Slater coming over and Julian [Edelman]. He has full faith in those guys. Regardless of who's being shuffled around, we're in the same room, we're all on the same page, we're all on the same playbook, we all have to be able to communicate with everybody on the field. We have smart guys that can play any position, so I have full faith in anybody.

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