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Super Bowl 2012, Adam Vinatieri: Former Pats Super Bowl Hero Joins WEEI On Friday

On Friday, Former New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri joined WEEI's "The Big Show" to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI game between the Patriots and the New York Giants. Here are some soundbites from Vinatieri's Friday radio appearance, courtesy of our partners at WEEI.

On the future of the Colts and Peyton Manning: "I'm too low on that totem pole. I'm glad I don't get to make those decisions. Times are changing at West 56th Street, which is where our organization is located at. Obviously, a new GM, new coach, new coordinators, lots of new players, I sure hope that Peyton's going to be back. If you read, you see what's going on, that's a very big if right now, but I know he'll be back playing next year. There's nobody that tries or prepares harder than he does. I'm sure he'll have a helmet on and throwing touchdowns. Hopefully it's with us, but if not, I wish him all the success in the world. Hopefully if we get some new guy named Andrew Luck, he'll do well as well."

On returning to New England since joining the rival Colts: "I expect New England fans to be very passionate about their sports. I would expect nothing less than that. The great thing is, when I ran out on the field to start the game and when I ran off the field after the game, they were very, very nice to me, generous to me. They cheered for me, they said nice things. Then that 60 minutes in between, they gave me the business and I would expect nothing less than that/ When I come back for reunions and stuff when I'm not playing anymore and hopefully they'll be nice to me at that point. New England fans are passionate about their sports and I completely respect that. Along the way, they gave me a lot of well wishes and thanks for all the things I'd done in the past. I completely understand it."

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