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Super Bowl 2012, Robert Kraft: 'I Hope For Something Special'

With the Super Bowl XLVI matchup between the New England Patriots and New York Giants almost upon us, everyone on the Patriots roster (and in the New England area for that matter) are extremely excited for this game. Among those excited for the game is Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

On Friday, Kraft joined WEEI's The Big Show to discuss the big game coming up on Sunday. Kraft seems to quietly optimistic about the Patriots' chances in this one. Still, he's planning for quite a show.

"I hope for something special," Mr. Kraft said. "I've learned that great players go to the Pro Bowl, great teams go to the Super Bowl and that doesn't mean you don't have to have the most talented players. It's about team." (via WEEI)

This season has been especially tough for Kraft and his family, as they lost an amazing wife, mother and human being in Myra Kraft. As Mr. Kraft has said all season long, if the Patriots were able to take home the Lombardi trophy on Sunday, it'll be for Myra, as it's been all season.

"I had a chance to say what values were important to her - the mental toughness, the honesty, the sense of teamwork, letting other people get the credit, but doing acts of kindness and being a team player," Mr. Kraft said of meeting with his team before the season. "She represented everything that a good football player represents and she was very intelligent. We just hoped that the players would conduct themselves in a certain way on and off the field in honor of her."

"I've gotten tons of letters and emails from people suggesting she was smiling down with that kick, blowing it left," Mr. Kraft said. "I want to thank the fans, really, for the great emotional support they've given to our family this whole year. It's been very kind."

(via WEEI)

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