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Super Bowl 2012: Patriots' Bill Belichick Isn't Pondering Retirement

Bill Belichick isn't going anywhere. For now, at least. Of course, that could all change following Super Bowl XLVI between his New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Belichick addressed the notion of retirement, saying that it isn't on his mind right now. Belichick would have four Super Bowl titles with a win Sunday and will be 60 in April.

I enjoy all the aspects of the job. I enjoy the team-building, the drafting, the free agents, team acquisitions - those kind of things. I enjoy bringing in the young players and working with guys who haven't been in the NFL and teaching them the basic fundamentals in how to become a professional football player for the New England Patriots.

And I enjoy working with the veteran players, the Tom Bradys and the Vince Wilforks and the Wes Welkers and all those kind of players that can do really special things because of their not only talent, but experience. And I enjoy the competition on a weekly basis. Not just on Sundays, but the preparation leading up into the game. So I enjoy all of it. It beats working. (via WEEI)

Good to know. Next to Tom Brady, who actually goes on the field and gets the wins, Belichick is the most important part of the Patriots' success over the last decade. Losing him would be big. So for now, enjoy the good years, Patriots fans.

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