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Super Bowl 2012: Rex Ryan Offers High Praise For Bill Belichick And Patriots

Rex Ryan actually showed his face in Indianapolis. That in itself if a surprise, especially when you consider the matchup in Super Bowl XLVI is probably the worst possible one for Ryan and New York Jets fans. On one sideline, you have the New England Patriots -- the Jets chief division rival -- and on the other, there's the New York Giants -- the Jets' in-town rival.

Alas, Ryan showed up, and he did a television interview on FOX25 on Friday morning. During the interview, Ryan did not offer a prediction on the game (in case you hadn't noticed, Ryan isn't exactly a psychic when it comes to predictions), but he did offer up some high praise for both teams, as well as the Pats' Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

"There's two main reasons: Brady and Belichick. That's the main reason right there. Belichick in my opinion is the best coach, maybe he'll go down in the history of the game as the best coach. ... It's the truth. I'm not one to beat around the bush. That's [what] I believe. And then Brady, if he wins the Super Bowl this week, it's hard to say he's not the best big-game quarterback of all-time." (via WEEI)

Ryan proceeded to locate the nearest snack bar. Kidding .. maybe.

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