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Super Bowl 2012, Patriots Vs. Giants: Rob Gronkowski 'Moving In Right Direction'

Day by day, tight end Rob Gronkowski has been making improvements for the New England Patriots. At least, that's what he and Pats head coach Bill Belichick continue to tell up. Belichick reaffirmed this notion to the media again on Friday.

"I think he was OK this morning, I think he was OK," Belichick said. "We'll see how it goes today. Rob has worked extremely hard and has got treatment morning, noon and night. He's gotten better on a daily basis. Hopefully he'll continue to make progress today, tomorrow and all day Sunday. We'll see how that takes us, but I think he's coming along and we'll see where he gets to. But certainly moving in the right direction and getting better on a daily basis." (via WEEI)

Gronkowski injured his ankle during the AFC Championship Game two weeks ago and was later diagnosed with a high ankle sprain. Gronk practiced on Thursday for the first time since the injury.

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