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Patriots Offseason 2012: Pats 'Going Through' Free Agent Process With Wes Welker

Nick Caserio, director of player personnel for the personnel for the New England Patriots, spoke to reporters at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine on Thursday. When asked about negotiations with unrestricted free agent Wes Welker, Caserio didn't reveal much, except to say that the two sides were still in in negotiations.

"We've had conversations with our free agents at different points, whether it was in the fall. We'll continue that dialogue," Caserio said. "We have until March 13 until free agency begins. So we'll do our due diligence, we'll go through the process and see where we end up."

Caserio's reply remained in line with the Pats' usual tight-lipped style. Re-signing Welker should be a priority, however, consider how prolific he has been over the years. That, or the Pats are simply biding their time until they throw the franchise tag on the receiver and call it a day. Either way, it is highly unlikely that Welker simply falls by the wayside.

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