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2012 NFL Combine Results, Measurements: Offensive Linemen, Tight Ends

The 2012 NFL Combine results are in for the measurements taken from offensive linemen and tight ends (via Walter None of the Boston area college players or mock draft targets of the Patriots are in this group.

Looking at some of the notable offensive linemen in the NFL Draft, here is how they measured up against each other:

Mike Adams, Ohio State: 6-7, 323 pounds, 34 inches (arm length)

Matt Kalil, USC: 6-6.5 (six-feet-six-and-a-half inches), 306 pounds, 34 1/2 inches (arm length)

Riley Rieff, Iowa: 6-5.5 (six-feet-five-and-a-half inches), 313 pounds, 33 1/4 inches (arm length)

Here's how a couple of the notable tight ends matched up against each other:

Dwayne Allen, Clemson: 6-3, 255 pounds, 33 inches (arm length), 9 5/8 inches (hand size)

Orson Charles, Georgia: 6-2, 251 pounds, 32 1/2 inches (arm length), 9 1/4 inches (hand size)

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