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Tom Brady Releases Statement About Tom Martinez

Earlier this week, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady lost a dear friend and mentor in Tom Martinez, who passed away on Tuesday night after complications with his heart. Martinez was 66.

On Wednesday, Brady broke his silence and released a statement over his Facebook page regarding his longtime mentor.

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of my coach, mentor and friend. Coach Martinez's invaluable assistance and support will never be forgotten and will always have a lasting impact on my life. The time we spent together remain some of my fondest memories. His legacy of commitment, toughness and determination will live on forever." (via Tom Brady's Facebook Page)

Martinez and Brady have been working together since Brady's days in High School, when he started out as a backup middle linebacker. Without Martinez, Tom Brady may not be the quarterback he is today and may have chosen the sport of baseball over football. As a person and a mentor, many Patriots fans including myself are eternally grateful for Martinez. Thank you, Tom.

If you want to see more on Martinez and Brady's relationship, check out this CBS Sports interview featuring both Martinez and Brady. Attached to his Facebook post, Brady posted this photo:


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