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Joe Montana Praises Tom Brady

While it's sort of repetitive for Patriots fans to sit around and watch T.V. analysts like ESPN's Merril Hodge or NFL Network's Warren Sapp talk about how great a quarterback Tom Brady is. No disrespect to either, it's just that we can turn on our T.V. any day and hear them say the same sort of things everyday. However it's a different conversation if Brady receives the same sort of praise from the only QB that has done more than you.

On Thursday, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana joined WEEI's The Big Show to give his thoughts on the Super Bowl XLVI matchup between the Pats and the New York Giants and to also give some thoughts on Mr. Brady. Montana put it simply, if you can't stop Brady, you can't beat him.

"If you can't stop Tom, you're not going to win," Montana said. "It's just that simple. The Giants have the ability to do that. They've done it once, but the hardest thing to do is beat a a team twice in the same year. Things are, I think, on Tom's favor, just going into the game. Just knowing how well he's playing anyway, you can't let him stand in the pocket. [The Giants] have the ability with their front four to do that, but still it's not a easy feat because he gets the ball out pretty quick." (via WEEI)

Brady grew up in California idolizing Montana, and is often compared to the four-time Super Bowl winner. Montana didn't want to get into a comparison with Brady, but didn't stop short of praising him.

"I just try to enjoy for what he does," Montana said "He's mostly in the shotgun, on occasion he gets under center, and we never too a snap in the shotgun. He's just fun to watch. I don't try to say who looks like who or even now try to compare guys." (via WEEI)

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