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2012 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Says Patriots Need Defense

In news that will shock no one, NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock said today in a conference call with the media that the New England Patriots should find help for their defense with their two first-round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Mayock was asked specifically if there was anything from their Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants that reflected draft day needs. Mayock responded with the bigger picture, begging the questioner to look at the complete body of the Patriots’ work from this season.

And just what kind of defensive help did Mayock suggest for the Pats?

I was kind of happy to see the return of defense in the playoffs and the Super Bowl, but let’s be honest about it, there are a lot of teams, including the Patriots, that want a track meet every week, which means you have to rush the quarterback and you have to defend on the back end. I think those are the two areas of need that kind of cry out for some help in the draft for the Patriots.

As far as offensive help, Mayock suggested the Patriots find a vertical threat for their offense, a complement to what Bill Belichick has done with Wes Welker and his two tight ends.

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