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Kevin Faulk Was 'Crushed' About Being Inactive For Super Bowl

While many New England Patriots players are saying this is only just the beginning of their Super Bowl runs, it's most likely the end for the longest tenured player on the roster.

On Friday, long time Patriots running back Kevin Faulk sat down with NESN to talk about his 13-year NFL career and the Patriots' 21-17 loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. A lot of people thought the Super Bowl would be Faulk's last game, turns out he didn't even play. Faulk talked about the disappointment he felt about being inactive for the big game.

"That morning, when I got the word that I wasn't going to dress, wow," said Faulk. "I went in the room, cried a little bit, because 75 percent of me knew that this could be my last game playing, not playing, just dressing. If I dress there could possibly be that chance that I could play. So that really crushed me a whole lot." (via NESN)

There has been a lot of buzz around whether or not Faulk will call it a career at 13 very productive seasons in the Patriots' backfield. He's totaled 31 career touchdowns with over 7,000 yards from scrimmage as the team's third down back. After an emotional Super Bowl, he doesn't plan on making a retirement decision any time soon until he gets his thoughts together.

"(I took) my exit physical after the game and the trainers give me a big hug and that's when I knew, like 'Wow, that might be it.' If they know, you definitely know. Going through that evening after the game and worrying about the loss and being like, wow, guys have another opportunity to come back next year and do it again. Mine is very slim, and it's not by my choice this time," said Faulk. "Right now and with the emotions that are going on and with the game that just happened last week, I know everyone was speculating that I was going to make a decision, probably today or what not; it's kind of early. I don't want to tie my emotions into exactly what went on Sunday that passed, what went on the course of the season, I just think it's something that I have to sit down and talk with my family and my agent, teammates, former teammates that I've talked to, people that I really trust, for me to base my decision off of." (via NESN)

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