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Chris Canty's Comments Has Patriots Fans Wondering: Who?

At the team's fan send off rally this past Sunday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady indirectly guaranteed that the Patriots would win Super Bowl XLVI when he hoped to see fans at their party after the Super Bowl. Well this guarantee has got the New York Media and Giants players all riled up, including Chris Canty.

On Wednesday, Canty was asked by the New York Post if he had any message for Giants fans back home. Canty echoed outspoken safety Antrel Rolle, as he guaranteed a Giants victory while mocking Brady's comments.

"get ready for a great day on Super Bowl Sunday ... and get ready for a parade on Tuesday."

"I don't care, doesn't matter," Canty said. "Obviously, Tom Brady made a statement at their pep rally. Obviously, both teams are here to try to win a football game." (via New York Post)

So who is Chris Canty? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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