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Super Bowl 2012, Rob Gronkowski: Full Interview Transcript From Wednesday

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski answered some questions about the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI game against the New York Giants during Wednesday's media access. Courtesy of

(on if he plans to practice today)
"I have no clue. I'll see what the trainers say. I'll meet up with them right after this, once we start our day after the media (session). We'll see how it goes."

(on if his ankle feels better today)
"Definitely. I feel better every day. That's the goal. That's the positive direction you want to be going. You want to be moving forward every single day. If you are going backwards, that's not good at all. I am feeling good every day. The rehab is going well. Everything is moving forward and we're on pace of just feeling better every day."

(on what he was able to do yesterday)
"Rehab with the training staff. Whatever they have me do, I just do. It felt better yesterday and every day I do a little bit more. It's going good."

(on what rehab they are doing)
"Moving forward every day. Like I said, we are making positive strides and every single day we do something more. We add on a new rehab. We add a new pressure point or something, so I can move better. Overall, we are moving ahead, making progress strides moving forward."

(on if he has been able to run yet)
"Whatever the training staff has me do. I am not going to disclose information about what I am doing."

(on what they have seen that is different now from when they faced the Giants during the regular season)
"We haven't seen much difference, because they have such great players. They have a great front four. They have a great secondary. They have great linebackers. Basically, they are playing the same football they have been all year, but they are playing at a higher level now. They are all working together. They are all playing hard. They are all playing fast. We just have to be ready for their whole defense."

(on the similarities between this game and when they faced the Giants in Super Bowl XLII)
"I wasn't part of the team here. It's a whole different time now. I wasn't on that team. It is just about this year. I love being on the team here. We have great teammates, great coaches. I love playing with everyone. It's a huge game this week, obviously, it's the Super Bowl. I am excited for it and can't wait."

(on if he emerged as a top tight end because of the system or because of the things he has done)
"I would say overall both. It's listening to the coaches, listening to the players around me, having other great players, having other tight ends, having other great receivers, having a good o-line. It's just everyone going out there and working together as a team. It's everyone working hard and opportunities just come up. It's attributed to my teammates and everyone working together. It just happened that I have been making some plays and stuff. I give all the credit to my teammates and coaches. "

(on being able to share this moment with his family)
"It's awesome. My brother (Chris) was on the Colts this year, so he has a house about 20 minutes away. The last three nights I got to hang out with him for about two or three hours at the end of the day. We are just having a blast, catching up with my brothers. My other brother (Dan) just got in town, so we are hanging out, having a good time, catching up about our football lives. Because we really don't get to see each other during the season, so it's just a blast to be out here and an honor to have my brother out here with a house that we can chill at."

(on if he has bragging rights over his brother because he got to a Super Bowl before them)
"Obviously, every once in a while we brag to each other like I'd say something to them. But, it's all fun and games. We are just having a good time."

(on if he expects to play)
"I am just taking it day-by-day. Obviously, I want to be out there. I am anxious to be out there. I want to help the team out as much as possible. It's the Super Bowl, obviously I want to be out there. I am trying everything I can do to be out there."

(on how much of an asset it is to have big hands)
"I guess it's good to have big hands. The ball fits in easier, you can get a better grip. In blocking you can get your hands on the opponent to drive them out. That's not what brings you success - having big hands - I'd say it helps a little bit. In the end, it's your form in the passing game and your form in the blocking game. It's practicing hard and doing extra reps so you get everything down."

(on if he is amazed at all the attention his ankle is getting)
"It's the Super Bowl, that's why it's all going on. If it was a regular season game, it really wouldn't matter. It's the biggest game in sports history every year. It is what it is. You have just got to put your blinders on and you have got to be focusing every single day on the playbook and the Giants. So, when it comes to game time, you are not distracted and you are just ready for the game."

(on if his ankle is better than it was yesterday)
"Yes, definitely. Every single day I am improving. It's feeling way better than it was a week ago. It's feeling better then yesterday, so it's just making positive strides every single day."

(on if it is possible that he doesn't practice all week and still plays)
"Anything is possible. I could be practicing the next three days or I could be not practicing at all. Anything is possible."

(on where his cardio level is now)
"That's what I am wondering too, but the training staff has us doing things to keep it up - eating healthy every single day, making sure you are not eating trash, just staying at your weight and doing what you possibly can do, so you can stay in shape."

(on if he has done running in the last week)
"Not really. The training staff proposes things to me that I can do, and what we can do together. We'll see what we do today. I am excited, I am anxious to be out there and see what we can do."

(on if they have to worry about pass protection against the Giants more than normal)
"Every single week the blocking game is just as huge as the passing game. It's actually bigger. You have got to be able to run the ball to be able to pass the ball. You have got to make some holes open for our running backs, so they can run the ball and get some yardage."

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