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2012 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Could Look At Wide Receiver

With the Patriots getting ready for the Super Bowl, most thoughts aren't geared toward April and the coming NFL draft. However, even the AFC champions have holes and so it'll be interesting to see how Bill Belichick decided to address them.

A wide receiver could be a strong option according to Steve Muench of Muench does a nice job of pointing out New England's failings in the last decade when drafting at that position. The Patriots really could use a lot of help on the defensive side of the ball, but it would be an intriguing move to give Tom Brady more firepower.

If Michael Floyd fell all the way to New England, it would be a tough choice. Floyd has a lot of off the field issues and yet possesses loads of ability. He's expected to go a little earlier in the first round, but then again so was Dez Bryant who fell to 25th in 2010.

Of course, as Muench mentions, the Patriots could take a speedster in the middle rounds also. It's a draft that's pretty deep, which bodes well for Tom Kraft's team considering where they will be picking.