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Julian Edelman On Bill O'Brien: 'We'll Miss Him'

Early Friday morning, the New England Patriots were informed that current offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien had decided to accept the position as head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Many players, including wide receiver Julian Edelman were very sad when they learned about O'Brien's departure. As Edelman puts it very tersely, he'll miss his offensive coach.

"If it's true," Edelman said of O'Brien's new gig, "we'll miss him." (via CSN New England)

Edelman was drafted by the Patriots in 2009, where he's been a wide receiver in O'Brien's offensive system. While Edelman has spent more time this season on kick returns and even on defense, O'Brien's coaching methods still stay with him.

"He gets fired up when you get fired up. Billy, he's just a good guy . . . You love playing for him. You want to do well for him." (via CSN New England)

With the Patriots planning for a playoff game next week, O'Brien has reportedly told owner Robert Kraft that he will still carry out his offensive coordinator duties with the Pats until their season is over. While this strikes many as a distraction waiting to happen, Edelman says he and his teammates aren't distracted.

"We're still getting ready for the playoffs. We didn't change anything," Edelman said. "We're going to get back to work here soon, enjoy a couple days off and rest." (via CSN New England)

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