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Super Bowl 2012, Devin McCourty: 'Difficult Challenge' Facing Giants WR's

As I wrote in my column here yesterday, the secondary of the New England Patriots could be in for a doozie this weekend when facing the Giants receiving corps of Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham. Looks like the Patriots are well aware of this fact.

In his Monday press conference, Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty spoke about the Giants three-headed monster at receiver. McCourty couldn't put it any simpler, it's going to be a difficult defending these guys.

"It's a very difficult challenge. I think it all starts with their offense, how balanced they are with a good running game, a good quarterback and they have three very good weapons outside at receiver. We are really going to have to prepare and come to play, because any of the three of those guys are capable of having big games." (via WEEI)

As every Pats fan has noticed over these playoffs, the defense that was ranked No. 31 in the NFL overall has been looking pretty good. For McCourty and his mates on defense, they echo their coach, they've got to not rely on the past and focus on the task ahead.

"I hope so. We have been playing well. We have had some good games. I think the biggest thing is like coach (Bill Belichick) tells us, ‘The past won't matter.' When we take the field on Sunday, how we played two weeks ago against Baltimore won't help us play. How we played against the Giants the first time won't help us play. We have to string it together in practice, have some good days and then come out and execute on Sunday." (via WEEI)

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