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Super Bowl 2012, Pat Chung: 'Play To The End'

After the Patriots narrowly escaped defeat against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship, they head into the week of Super Bowl XLVI with more bad to reflect on rather than good. Why? Because their the Patriots, they expect nothing less.

Speaking in his press conference on Tuesday, Patriots safety Pat Chung echoed the demeanor of the team, as he knows there is certainly a lot to improve on. As Chung puts it, he learned the importance of perseverance against the Ravens.

"The main lesson? Play to the end. That's all I can really say. Play to the end because you never know what's going to happen." (via WEEI)

If you know that Patriots, they have to be the most focused team in the NFL as represented by head coach Bill Belichick. Chung acknowledges that playing in the Super Bowl is supposed to be a fun thing, but he says for he and his team, it's pure business.

"We were happy. It was time to get back at it. We're on a business trip. It's the Super Bowl festivities and it's fun and all that, but when we're on the field, it's go time - business." (via WEEI)

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