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Super Bowl 2012, Patriots Vs. Giants: Revenge Not A Factor For Bill Belichick

So get a load of this: This year's Super Bowl is rematch of the New York Giants and New England Patriots showdown from four years ago. I know your mind is probably blown right now, but it's true! Shockingly, Bill Belichick didn't seem too fazed by this remarkable fact, despite only being reminded of it about 3,000 times since winning the AFC Championship Game. Belichick, somehow, kept his cool and managed to give a long, dull response to the media on Monday.

"You can talk to all of those guys," Belichick said. "Their opinions are their opinions. But I see this game as this game. There aren't all that many people who played in the last game four years ago. This team is this team. I think our team is different than it was at midseason and different from what it was in December. I think the Giants are a different team than when we played them in November and I think they are a different team than where they were in early December. This game, the elements of it are what we have in front of us, not what happened two months ago or what happened two years ago or four years ago."

The Pats and Giants will kickoff in the Super Bowl, again, on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET

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