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Bill Belichick Won't Wear Red Hoodie In Super Bowl Vs. Giants

New England Patriots head coach appeared on The Big Show earlier today and got asked about the red hoodie that he wore in Super Bowl XLII. The Giants won when Belichick wore it in that game. Will he wear for this year's rematch?

"By popular demand we definitely won't be seeing the red one," Belichick said. "In all honesty I really don't may that much attention to it, I swear I don't. People ask me after the game why did you wear the blue one, why did you wear the gray one? I just put on whatever is there. There was a red one in my locker at the Super Bowl, I put it on, we lost the game. All right, so we're not going to wear that one again. I kind of think there was more to it than that, but anyway, it's honestly not something I give a lot of thought to, but I won't wear red one this year." (via

The Patriots have only lost three times this season. In the Sept. 25 loss to Buffalo, Belichick wore a blue Polo shirt and a visor. When the Patriots lost on Oct. 30 to Pittsburgh, Belichick wore a blue hoodie. Belichick was also sporting a blue hoodie in the Nov. 6 loss to the Giants.

It looks like the choice is clear. Somebody needs to put a gray hoodie in Belichick's locker at the Super Bowl.

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