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2012 Pro Bowl Final Score: AFC 59, NFC 41. Brandon Marshall Takes The MVP Honors

Who could have imagined that the Pro Bowl would yield 100 points? Well, probably everyone but that's besides the point.

In an exciting contest down in Hawaii, Brandon Marshall stole the show and the MVP award with a four-touchdown performance. Marshall had a total of six catches for an eye-popping 176 yards.

For the NFC, Cam Newton played miserably after filling in as an alternate for Super Bowl bound quarterback Eli Manning. Newton went 9 of 27 for 186 yards with two touchdowns, but also three interceptions. He did find his teammate Steve Smith quite a bit though, who led all NFC receivers with 118 yards.

In the late stages of the third quarter well into the fourth, the AFC scored 28 straight points to seal up the victory. The most interesting of which came on an Eric Weddle interception and lateral to AFC West rival-turned-teammate Derrick Johnson who ran 60 yards for the AFC's final score.

It's always nice to win in the Pro Bowl. The NFC players each received $25,000 while the AFC doubled them up with a $50,000 check coming their ways.