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Super Bowl 2012: Tom Brady: 'There Is Pressure For Every Player'

Super Bowl XLVI will mark New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's fifth super bowl, which will tie John Elway for the most career appearances by a quarterback. For Brady, he's been there and done in terms of feeling the pressure of the big game. Right? Well, not exactly.

However, in those four prior Super Bowl starts, the only one he's actually lost came at the hand of the team he'll be playing on Feb. 5: The New York Giants. Not only does he know there is a lot at stake come the first Sunday of February, but he believes his teammates are beginning the feel the pressure of the big game.

"I think there is pressure for every player. It's not necessarily me. There is certainly pressure on me, there is pressure on the coaches and the players. We're expected to do our job at a very high level. You go into this game, where you're playing your toughest opponent, there are only two teams that are playing in this that are still going. There is certainly a finality to this game. You're putting absolutely everything you can into it, preparation wise, and you're expected to go out there and play to your very best. There is no reason why we shouldn't, because we've had [106] practices, it's our 23rd game of the game. It's pretty incredible when you think of a real long football season. We have experience, we've seen a lot. This is our third time we'll be playing this team -- preseason, regular season, postseason -- so there is some familiarity with them. Everyone should be excited and ready to go out and play our best game." (via ESPN Boston)

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