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Did Patriots Cheat In Win Over Ravens?

Cheating is a word that makes most Patriots fans cringe. After all, the franchise and its fan base had to endure the whole "Spygate" disaster, which put a black mark on Bill Belichick's legacy as well as that of the Pats. Now, that dirty word has been tossed the Patriots' way once more, this time by Baltimore Ravens' kicking consultant Randy Brown.

Brown said the information on the scoreboard was incorrect during Baltimore's final drive, saying it was third down when Baltimore was actually facing fourth down prior to Cundiff's game-tying field goal attempt. While Ravens players and officials have said the wrong information was on the scoreboard, no one had suggested that it was a nefarious move on the part of the Patriots until Brown hinted there was something else going on. Speaking with 94 WIP Radio in Philadelphia, Brown was asked if the Patriots did it purposefully in hopes of gaining an advantage, Brown replied, "I don't think you can rule anything out in New England, can you?" (via WEEI)

First of all ... really? You're going to blame your own disarray on the scoreboard? That may be the lamest excuse I've ever heard of. Take your losses like men. Don't blame a scoreboard for it. As a matter of fact, the markers down on the field (you know, where the game is actually played?) were correct. In short, this likely wasn't cheating.

Was this all a ploy by the Patriots organization to receive an unfair advantage? I don't think so. The markers on the field had the correct downs. While Cundiff used the scoreboard as reference for the down, the Patriots are either master psychologists or they just plain screwed up. I'm leaning towards "screwed up." (via Pats Pulpit)

On a side note, is a kicking consultant really an official coaching job? That sounds like a pretty unimportant position to me. If I were Brown, I'd be more concerned about my future as a "kicking consultant" in Baltimore after Billy Cundiff's own malfunction than I would the malfunctions of the Patriots' scoreboards. Give me a break, what a joke.

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