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Patriots Vs. Ravens: Vince Wilfork On AFC Championship Game, 'You Saw A Classic'

Critical to the New England Patriots win over the Baltimore Ravens during Sunday's AFC Championship Game was the play of a much-maligned defense. The Pats let up just 78 yards to Ray Rice, who led the NFL in yards from scrimmage during the regular season. Vince Wilfork was laudatory of the effort both teams gave in the trenches.

"It was just a good football game," he said. "You saw a great football game tonight. You saw a classic. Two football teams didn't want to budge. A physical football team. Plays being made -- but not many. Every yard was tough. That's what you saw tonight. You saw just a great, great effort. And it came down to the last couple of seconds. Too bad someone had to lose. But I'm happy to be on the winning side."

You probably won't find too many Ravens talking about how much fun they had during Sunday's game. Not any time soon at least. Still, if the Pats can hold the line of scrimmage as well as they did Sunday, both offensively and defensively, they will have to feel better about their chances in Indianapolis.

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