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Patriots Vs. Ravens: Bill Belichick Praises Tom Brady After AFC Championship Win

The New England Patriots are heading to their fifth Super Bowl under Bill Belichick with Tom Brady under center, after defeating the Baltimore Ravens, 23-20, during Sunday's AFC Championship Game. Brady wasn't his normal MVP-caliber self, throwing for two interceptions and zero touchdowns on his way to a 57.5 quarterback rating. No matter. Belichick said following the game that the Pats are luck to have Brady running the offense.

"Anything that's associated with winning, I'm proud of," Belichick said. "There's no quarterback I'd rather have than Tom Brady. He's the best. He does so much for us in so many ways on so many different levels. I'm very fortunate that he's our quarterback and what he's able to do for this team. It's good to win with him and all the rest of our players. If that's more than somebody else did, I don't really care about that."

Brady was less enthusiastic about his performance, saying bluntly that he "sucked." How he played is irrelevant at this point, however. The Pats are heading to Indianapolis to play the winner of tonight's game between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

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