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VIDEO: Joe Flacco, Tom Brady Throw Back-To-Back Interceptions

The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots traded interceptions in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game after a Tom Brady touchdown run gave the Patriots at 23-20 lead.

The Ravens reached the Patriots' 46-yard line when quarterback Joe Flacco was picked off at the New England 31-yard line by Brandon Spikes. Spikes returned the pick 19 yards to the 50 yard line.

Right after the pick, the Patriots gave the momentum right back to the Ravens on a interception of their own. Tom Brady tried to make the Ravens' mistake pay right away with a touchdown pass. Instead his deep heave was tipped for an interception in the endzone. The pick was returned to the 39-yard line.

While it was a great play to force the interception, the Patriots probably should have used a little more caution with good field position and a chance to eat some clock and go for a potentially game-icing touchdown.

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