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Patriots Vs. Ravens Score Update: Tom Brady's Leaping Touchdown Puts Patriots Up 23-20

The New England Patriots have gone back up on the Ravens, taking a 23-20 lead as Tom Brady leapt his way into the end zone for a touchdown.

Danny Woodhead once again sought to give the Patriots strong field position to start their drive, taking the ball out to the 37-yard line, holding on all the way to the ground this time. Coming out firing, Brady hit Rob Gronkowski for 23 yards, but then lost his favorite target for much of the drive as Gronkowski went down with an ankle injury.

On the next play Brady had an interception erased thanks to a penalty for a second time in the game--this time around an offside which forced a rushed throw--and made good on it by hitting Wes Welker over the middle for nine yards on the next snap. Welker would get the ball again on a crucial 3rd-and-7, and Danny Woodhead set up a 1st-and-goal from just five yards out.

From there, things got tense. Woodhead went head first into a pile up the middle on first down, nearly picking up the touchdown. It seemed like Brady had made his way in on the next play, but a review showed he came up just short, leaving the Patriots with two more attempts to move the ball one foot.

Attempting to go up-and-over the right side of the Ravens' line, BenJarvus Green-Ellis was met at the line by a wall, forcing the Patriots into a 4th down. Deciding to go for it, Bill Belichick once again called on Tom Brady to do the work, and this time he got the job done. Taking a big leap, Brady simply stuck his arms out over the top of the pile, clearing the goal line and putting the first touchdown on the board for New England in a long time.