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Patriots Vs. Ravens Score Update: Danny Woodhead's Fumble Costs Patriots 3 Points, Ravens Up 20-16

The Baltimore Ravens have extended their lead to 20-16 after Danny Woodhead coughed up the ball on the kick return following Baltimore's touchdown drive.

While it seemed like Woodhead was ready to give New England a boost with a big return, as he was tackled around the 35-yard line, the ball popped loose and bounced past two Patriots before settling in the arms of Baltimore's Tom Zbikowski.

With just 28 yards to protect, the defense had their work cut out for them--even more so after Joe Flacco scrambled for 14 yards on a second play. There, however, they managed to come through. Flacco missed Kris Wilson in the end zone on first, Ray Rice was held to just a couple on second, and a well-timed blitz let James Ihedigbo get to Flacco for a sack.

Facing a 4th-and-20, the Ravens were forced to kick a field goal, leaving the Patriots within four points.