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Patriots Vs. Ravens Score Update: Stephen Gostkowksi's Third Field Goal Gives Patriots 16-10 Lead

For the third time Sunday, the Patriots have made their way into the end zone, and left with only a field goal, leaving them ahead 16-10 early in the third quarter.

Already up 3-0 entering the second half, the Patriots were looking to take a two-score lead, but came up just short. To get even that far, however, they needed some big plays along the way. Facing a 3rd-and-6 on their first set of downs, Tom Brady would bounce back from an errant long ball to Aaron Hernandez by hitting Rob Gronkowski for 20 and the first. Hernandez would get his on the next play, running to the left side for nine yards before being taken down, setting up a quick scramble by Brady for another first.

The Patriots would go back to BenJarvus Green-Ellis for the next couple of plays, with the running back picking up six yards each time. But with Hernandez' second run of the drive going for no gain and Danny Woodhead only picking up four, the Patriots soon faced another important 3rd-and-6. Sticking with the no huddle offense, Tom Brady dropped back, and calmly found Hernandez, who turned past a defender to get the yardage necessary for the first, and then picked up another eight to set up a 3rd-and-2 from the 6-yard line.

Unfortunately, that's where the drive would end for New England. Despite being productive all day, BenJarvus Green-Ellis finally failed to pick up what was necessary as the Ravens' strong push up front wrapped him up one yard shy of the first, forcing the Patriots once again to settle for three points.