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Patriots Vs. Ravens Score Update: Tom Brady Finds His Rhythm, Patriots Add Field Goal For 13-10 Lead

A 35-yard field goal has the Patriots back on top, 13-10 late in the second quarter.

While the Patriots focused on their ground game on their last offensive drive, they went back to Tom Brady and the passing game to get back on top. Starting with a pass to Wes Welker, Brady would complete his first five attempts of the drive, going twice to Aaron Hernandez, twice to Welker, and once to Rob Gronkowski.

When momentum stopped, however, so too did the drive. Having made it into the red zone for the third time Sunday, Brady had a first down pass swatted down at the line, and then came under heavy pressure and was forced to throw it away on the next play. Facing a 3rd-and-10, Brady threw a high lob to Rob Gronkowski down the left sideline. While the lob seems to be a part of the game plan against the Ravens, it's so far failed to be successful, and this time was no different. While Gronkowski seemed to come down with enough distance for the first, he could only get one foot down before going out of bounds, leaving the Patriots forced to settle once again for the field goal.