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Rex Ryan Predicts Ravens Will Beat Patriots

Just when you thought he was gone for good until next season, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has found his way back into discussion about the NFL playoffs. Even though his team didn't qualify for the playoffs, it won't stop him from giving his opinion about the New England Patriots.

On Friday, Ryan went WFAN in New York City to give his thoughts on Sunday's AFC Championship game between the Patriots and his former team, the Baltimore Ravens. It's no surprise, but Ryan is both pulling for and predicting the Ravens to beat the Patriots.

"First off, the Ravens are going to win this game," when referring to Baltimore's AFC Championship matchup against the Patriots Sunday." (via WEEI)

Ryan was somewhat reminiscent of when his New York Jets beat the Patriots last season in the playoffs, as he says the team he used to run the defense for has the same defensive demeanor his team had last year when they beat them.

"The only way you're going to beat New England is if you have a great defense. And when you look at the teams that won, now obviously Buffalo was the one exception, in three years I'm talking about, the Giants had a great game defensively, they were able to get pressure on the quarterback, make plays in the back end. The Ravens had beaten New England before with a dominant defense. We beat New England three times but we did it creatively, a different type of defense, (Tom Brady) wasn't comfortable." (via WEEI)

In case you are wondering, Ryan went onto predict that the Ravens and the New York Giants would be playing for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

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