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Tom Brady: 'Game Can't Get Here Fast Enough'

Soap operas are enjoyable for some people. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady prefers the AFC Championship Game.

Brady said he is happy to still be playing football this late into the season, after the Patriots had failed to make the AFC Championship Game for four straight years. The Patriots meet the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday afternoon with a Super Bowl berth in the balance.

"I've been very fortunate, I think this is my sixth AFC Championship Game," Brady responded. "I've been in a great place, where a bunch of teammates have really committed themselves to each other to make it to this point. We've put a lot of work in, there have been a lot of practices and meetings and so forth. To get to this point is very challenging. Every team is talented. Every team has the same rules. There are 32 teams that start the year with the hopes of being in this position. The team that's going to win this weekend is the team that plays the best. There is nothing that anyone will say or do before Sunday at 3 o'clock that's going to have an influence on the game other than the way you prepare and the way you're rested, and the commitment to practice that we bring to the table.

"The game can't get here fast enough. There is a lot of anxiousness kind of leading up to the game. You think about the game. It's the only thing really on your mind. Hopefully we can go out there and do a great job. I'm looking forward to it."

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