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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Tom Brady Ties Record With Sixth Touchdown Pass

The Patriots have started off the second half much as they did the first, with Tom Brady tying an NFL record with his sixth touchdown pass of the night.

Despite being down 35-7, the Broncos tried to stay on the ground after the kickoff, but another strong stand from the defense forced Tim Tebow to throw deep on third down. Eddie Royal had a shot at the ball, but Sterling Moore knocked it down from behind to force the punt.

With Julian Edelman providing a good return, the Patriots started their first drive of the half already in Denver territory. That made things too easy for Brady. After a 5-yard run from Danny Woodhead, Brady found Wes Welker for 17 yards, bringing the Patriots into the red zone once again. While BenJarvus Green-Ellis wasn't able to get anything against the Broncos defense on the next play, Brady more than made up for it on second down, firing a bullet to Aaron Hernandez who juked his way past a defender, and high-stepped into the end zone for the touchdown.

It's 42-7 now, and the Broncos are in need of--what else?--a miracle.