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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Tom Brady Makes It Five First Half Touchdowns, Pats Up 35-7

The Patriots have put the kibosh on Tebowmania, as Tom Brady has found the end zone five times, with Rob Gronkowski being involved in a record-tying three of them.

Oh, and it's only halftime.

But for Tom Brady's interception and the following drive, the Patriots have not taken their foot off the gas since the opening kickoff. And with the defense forcing another 3-and-out, 69 seconds was plenty for the offense to find the end zone one more time. Starting with a quick 8-yard gain to Wes Welker, the Patriots went right back to their no-huddle offense, rushing to the line of scrimmage and tacking on another 20 with Aaron Hernandez.

The clock would stop on the next play when Brady overthrew Julian Edelman, who was well covered on his way to the end zone, but he found him on the next play for 11, and Edelman found the sidelines to give the Pats another shot at the touchdown with a timeout saved up to assure the field goal attempt. They wouldn't need it, however. Brady hit Rob Gronkowski for the eighth time in the half, and for the third time Gronkowski ended up in the end zone. Three receiving touchdowns in a postseason game ties the NFL record.

Up 35-7, the Patriots are in the driver's seat going into the second half. It's going to take some prolonged Tebow Time to change that.