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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Tom Brady Finds Rob Gronkowski For Second Touchdown, 21-7 Lead

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have their second touchdown connection of the night thanks to a big punt from Zoltan Mesko and a strong defensive stand.

On his first drive after throwing a bad interception, Tom Brady looked very shaky, making one dangerous pass and overthrowing his receiver on third down, forcing the Patriots to punt. Zoltan Mesko made as much as he could out of a bad situation, however, pinning the Broncos at their at their own 5-yard line.

The defense, looking strong since the beginning of the game, took full advantage of their field position, holding McGahee to six yards on the first two downs, and then catching Tebow at the line as he tried to scramble for the first.

Starting just seven yards from where they had punted on the last drive, Tom Brady found his footing again. A check down to Rob Gronkowski was good for nine yards, and two plays later it was Branch making the grab on the sideline for 10. After Aaron Hernandez brought the Patriots into the red zone once again coming out of the backfield, Tom Brady and the Patriots faced a 3rd and 3. Lining up in a shotgun, Brady took the snap, checked his options, and fired over the middle to Rob Gronkowski, cutting back towards the middle. Gronkowski shed a defender, and turned upfield toward an unprotected end zone for seven more points.

After Brady's interception seemed to give the Broncos a burst of energy, the Patriots have now seized momentum, and have a big opportunity to put the Broncos down big before the half.