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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Tom Brady's Interception Gifts Broncos Seven Points

Up 14-0 with the ball, the Patriots were well on their way to taking a commanding lead against the Denver Broncos. One bad throw from Tom Brady, however, and suddenly they're in a 14-7 game in the second quarter.

The play came from the 25-yard line on 1st and 10 after Tom Brady had found Wes Welker to convert a third down. With the offensive line holding off the pass rush, Tom Brady looked to pass over the linebackers to find Rob Gronkowski, but had the ball sail on him and into the arms of safety Quinton Carter downfield. Carter would return it to the original line of scrimmage before being leveled by Aaron Hernandez.

From there, it was half Tebow, half McGahee. Tebow found Demaryius Thomas at the 5-yard line to convert a third down after McGahee picked up seven yards on the first two, and then it was McGahee plowing into the Patriots defense and pushing a pile into the end zone for the touchdown.

Tom Brady will have to forget his mistake in a hurry, but he'll have good field position to help him after an unsportsmanlike call helped the Patriots get to the 40-yard line on the kickoff.