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VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Makes Touchdown Catch, Is Still Unstoppable In 2012 NFL Playoffs

Rob Gronkowski has torn his way through the NFL this season, setting records for yardage and touchdowns by a tight end in a season and generally being the sort of unstoppable weapon the New England Patriots can use very, very well. His touchdown catch against the Denver Broncos in the 2012 NFL playoffs may be the best play he has made all year.

Watch the video:

Gronkowski reaches full extension, tips the ball, corrals the bobble, and holds onto it on the way down for a spectacular touchdown catch that gave the Patriots a two-touchdown lead against the Broncos.

The Patriots' embarrassment of riches at tight end — Gronkowski is fantastic, but Aaron Hernandez would be the starter on nearly every other team in the league — is already paying dividends in the playoffs. It's likely that Tom Brady will be going back to both as this Saturday night progresses.

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