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NFL Playoff Schedule: New England Patriots Earn AFC's No. 1 Seed

The Patriots polished off their regular-season with the AFC's best overall record of 13-3, which helped New England earn home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and a first-round bye. Here's a look at the AFC playoff schedule.

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Sunday's 49-21 victory over the Buffalo Bills Sunday allowed the New England Patriots (13-3) to clinch a AFC playoff's No. 1 seed, which comes with home field advantage throughout the postseason and a first-round bye. The Baltimore Ravens (12-4), who defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 24-16, in their regular-season finale, are the No. 2 seed.

The other four AFC teams to make the playoffs were: Houston Texans (10-6, No. 3), Denver Broncos (12-4, No. 4), Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4, No. 5) and Bengals (9-7, No. 6).

Luckily, Patriots fans don't need to play in the first round of the playoffs, but we all know you'd like to check out the games next week. So, without further delay here's the TV schedule of the the AFC Wild-Card round:

Wild-Card Round

(No. 6) Bengals at (No. 3) Texans -- Saturday, Jan. 7 at 4:30 p.m ET on NBC.
(No. 5) Steelers at (No. 6) Broncos -- Sunday, Jan. 8 at 4:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Second-Round Games

(No. 1) Patriots -- Will play lowest winning seed from AFC Wild-Card Round
(No. 2) Ravens -- Will play second-lowest winning seed from AFC Wild-Card Round

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