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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Rob Gronkowski, Sterling Moore Add Two Touchdowns In One Minute

The rout is on late in Foxborough, and it's all New England as the clock runs down on the final quarter of the regular season.

While the Patriots seemed to have the game all wrapped up with BenJarvus Green-Ellis' touchdown run that made it 35-21, that hasn't stopped them from adding more points, and doing so from both sides of the ball.

For once, the Bills managed to pin the Patriots deep with a punt in the fourth quarter instead of giving up an interception and a short field, but it made little difference for New England. Relying on Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis, the Patriots picked up 50 yards in five plays before an incomplete pass to Hernandez broke up the run.

The incompletion wouldn't stop the drive, however, and neither would a sack, as Brady twice found Welker for third down conversions to bring the Patriots within the 10-yard line. From there, it was once again Rob Gronkowski extending his touchdown record with a clean 7-yard grab in the end zone.

If that weren't enough, the first Bills play from scrimmage after the kick-off went to Sterling Moore, who added on to his impressive day with a pick six to make it 49-21.