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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Aaron Hernandez, BenJarvus Green-Ellis Give Patriots 35-21 Lead

The Patriots are piling it on in the fourth quarter, with another interception leading to another quick touchdown drive for Tom Brady and his offense.

While the interception wasn't quite as impressive as Sterling Moore's from the previous drive, Devin McCourty's second pick of the year--coming gift-wrapped off of C.J. Spiller's hands--gave the Patriots the ball all the same. And fromthere, it was a matter of seconds before the score changed.

On the first play of the drive Tom Brady found Aaron Hernandez out right with a quick pass, and the tight end added one of his trademark runs after the catch to make it a 44-yard gain, taking the Patriots all the way to the 3-yard line. From there, it took just one play: a hard-nosed run from BenJarvus Green Ellis, who found his way into the end zone with his second effort, making it a 35-21 lead for New England in the fourth quarter.