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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Rob Gronkowski's Touchdown Gives Patriots 28-21 Lead

The Patriots have finally taken the lead in Gillette Stadium, having scored 28 straight points since falling behind 21-0 in the first quarter.

While the Bills' defense seems to have found another gear since their goal-line stand, the Patriots' offense proved too much to stop. Provided with a short field by an impressive interception from Sterling Moore, who dove in front of a receiver to pick off Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Patriots' offense was nearly stifled again by the Bills, but received some help from Buffalo's defense. After a sack and fumble left Tom Brady facing a 3rd-and-15, it was Kirk Morrison who was called for a holding penalty on an incomplete pass to Rob Gronkowski, providing New England with a free set of downs.

Some tough running from Stevan Ridley set the Patriots up with a 3rd-and-2, but with the Bills' defense swarming all over the field so far on the drive, those couple of yards seemed like it would be a battle on the ground. Instead, Tom Brady went to the air, and the end zone, seemingly catching the Bills completely off-guard. Rob Gronkowski had somehow slipped his way behind the Buffalo defense, where Tom Brady found him for his 16th touchdown grab of the year. With Brady already having passed Dan Marino's mark for yardage in the game, it's only appropriate that Gronkowski gets to add on to his historic mark.

Not content to settle for just a 27-21 lead, the Patriots looked to make it an even touchdown by going for two. Danny Woodhead got the call, and forced his way into the end zone to convert the attempt and make it 28-21.