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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Another Field Goal Has Patriots One Point Away

The Patriots are just one point away from a tie game at 21-20, but could have already taken the lead with just two more yards.

After giving up a couple of quick first downs following Stephen Gostkowski's field goal, the Patriots' defense stiffened once again. Bringing pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick time and again seems to have disrupted his rhythm, and that proved the case again on 3rd-and-5, when Fitzpatrick was forced to get rid of the ball in a hurry, leaving the Bills facing a fourth down when no catch was made.

Again choosing to punt, the Bills turned the ball over to the Patriots' offense, and quickly found themselves backed up to their own goal line. After Brady just barely missed Chad Ochocinco on a deep ball over the middle, Bill O'Brien drew up a quick screen pass to BenJarvus Green-Ellis that completely fooled the Bills. Jetting up the field with blocks from receivers and offensive linemen alike, Green-Ellis carried the ball 53 yards before being stopped at the 20-yard line. A quick pass to Wes Welker would bring them within two yards with three chances at the end zone.

Unfortunately, that 2-yard difference would prove to be worth four points. After forcing Brady to throw the ball away, the Bills' defense stuffed BenJarvus Green-Ellis at the line, and then reacted in time to Brady's scramble attempt on third, again forcing the Pats to settle for just a field goal.