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Patriots Vs. Bills: Aaron Hernandez High-Steps Into The End Zone (VIDEO)

It was an ugly start for the New England against the Bills, but now that they're on the comeback trail, the Patriots are doing it in style. Case-in-point: Aaron Hernandez, who knows he's not going to be touched as he waltzes into the end zone to make it a one score game:

While Bill Belichick won't be too happy if something like that starts to pick up 15-yard penalties, in this case no foul means no harm.

The Patriots will have about two minutes now to drive the ball down the field after forcing a turnover one downs when the Bills once again went for it on fourth--albeit this time with 12 long yards to cover. If they can actually tie the game going into the half--after which they will receive the ball--it will be an even more impressive comeback than last week against Miami, if only for the speed with which it was accomplished.