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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Aaron Hernandez' Touchdown Brings Pats Within 7

The Patriots are on the comeback trail once again, quickly closing the gap from 21-0 to 21-14 as Aaron Hernandez high-stepped his way into the end zone for New England's second touchdown.

While the secondary had some difficulties to start the game, Ryan Fitzpatrick struggled to find his targets on their most recent drive. On 2nd-and-10, he was forced to scramble away from pressure, though the run went for 16 yards as the left side of the field emptied out. He would not prove nearly as elusive on the next play, however, falling victim to Mark Anderson's tenth sack of the year despite an offensive holding call. Only able to cover nine yards on the next two plays, the Bills were finally forced to punt.

Though the Patriots would need 80 yards to reach the end zone, the drive hardly seemed that long. The Patriots made their way to midfield with five quick plays, and then to the 40 as Stevan Ridley broke off another strong run. While the first 40 took six snaps, the last 40 took just one, as Brady found Aaron Hernandez streaking down the right sideline. Wide open, Hernandez had no problem running into the end zone with some high-stepping flair for the touchdown.