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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Bills Dominating Both Sides Of The Ball, Take 21-0 Lead

Bill Belichick didn't pull any punches with his starting lineup, but it's the Bills who have the Patriots reeling in the first quarter after three straight touchdowns have them up 21-0.

While the first two scoring drives for the Bills required fourth down conversions, their most recent push down the field was entirely straightforward. Ryan Fitzpatrick did his best Tom Brady impression, completing four straight passes to start the drive for 55 yards to bring the Bills to the 27 yard line. Finally turning to the ground game, C.J. Spiller picked up 12 yards, and then turned upfield on the next play after making a quick catch on a crossing route, finding the end zone for the 21-0 lead.

The Patriots are using some unusual looks on defense, including giving Devin McCourty snaps at safety, but so far none of them look terribly impressive. The Bills are moving the ball at will, and have a formidable lead as a result. But, if we learned anything last week, it's that no lead is safe against this offense.

It just has to get going first.