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Patriots Vs. Bills Score Update: Bills Convert Another Fourth Down, Take 14-0 Lead

The Bills are playing like a team with nothing to lose in Foxborough today, taking a 14-0 lead after converting another fourth down.

The big play came after a sack left the Bills 13 yards away on second down. A 9-yard toss brought the Bills four yards away, and this time they didn't even bother with a fake. Lining up in the shotgun, Ryan Fitzpatrick found Steve Johnson for the needed yardage and the first down.

Again, having picked up the first the Bills quickly set their sights on the end zone. Just one play after converting the fourth down, Fitzpatrick went back to Steve Johnson over the top, finding his target in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown and the 14-0 lead.

The Patriots, meanwhile, are looking entirely inept against this typically weak Buffalo defense. But for a holding call, they've managed nothing at all, and are facing a punt for their second straight drive.