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Albert Haynesworth: 'It's Time For Me, The Sleeping Giant, To Awake'

It's time to wake up for Albert Haynesworth. At least, that's what the New England Patriots newest defensive star said about his short time with the team, in which he hasn't made his presence truly felt. Haynesworth took around seven minutes before Thursday's practice to talk to the media, when he said the following. 

"It's time for me, the sleeping giant, to awake and get back out there on the field and play football again," said Haynesworth, who acknowledged the skepticism in the media about his desire and determination to return to elite status as a nose tackle. "I read what you guys wrote, nothing personal, but I didn't do much in D.C. The scheme didn't fit me and that stuff. Now I can go out there and play get back to what I used to do." (via WEEI)

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