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Albert Haynesworth Saved By Patriots?

Albert Haynesworth has seen the light, and he's a changed man. Well, at least he's seen the Bill Belichick glow and the auro of the Patriot way, and so far, he's a big fan. Haynesworth, who made his preseason debut in Thursday night's loss to the New York Giants, said that coming to New England has actually saved his career.

"We were talking about how different it is and how we really like this place," Haynesworth said of his in-game chat with Carter. "This is a career-saving place for me to come. I had no idea it would be like this but it's unbelievable. I wish I kind of took [a look at the Patriots] two years ago and came here." (via WEEI) 

We get it, you like New England. A lot of people do. Players win championships here. But is Haynesworth really a changed man like he said he is (at least, in terms of his attitude and career)?

It's impossible to tell now, but it does appear that Haynesworth has made a change for the good. Since his arrival at Patriots training camp, we haven't seen or heard of any disturbances or scandals surrounding him. For the most part, he's showed up and has blended in with Belichick's army.

Now, we won't truly know if Haynesworth has changed until we hit some turbulence. What happens the first time that Belichick yanks him for a play or two? What if a call doesn't go his way on the field? He can say all of the right things now until he's blue in the face, but until he actually runs into potential trouble on the field, we can't know if he's genuine for sure. It sure seems like he is now, though. Let's keep it that way.

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