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VIDEO: Vince Wilfork's Intercepts Phillip Rivers, Rumbles Down The Field

Vince Wilfork is probably the last guy on the team, maybe even the world, that you would expect to be picking off opposing quarterbacks and returning them for major yardage. But that's exactly what the New England Patriots' 325-pound nose tackle did in the Pats' 35-21 win over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Take a look.

Wilfork's pick was the first of his lengthy career, and he and the Pats defense forced four turnovers in the game. That was more than enough for Tom Brady, who threw for 423 yards and three touchdowns in victory.

New England and San Diego traded touchdowns in the first quarter before the Pats put up 13 points in the second quarter. Neither team touched the scoreboard in the third quarter and the Pats outscored the Chargers, 15-14, in the fourth quarter to clinch their second win of the 2011 season.

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